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Everything You Need to Know About Hot Stone Massage Therapy 

When we heard of the word muscle tension, muscle pains, muscle tightness, and body pains, massage therapy is along with that. Massage therapy is not unfamiliar because almost all people suffering from stress and pains rely on this.  


Many people opted to visit a massage therapist to relax instead of going out with friends. Many choose to lie down in the bed and let a skilled person get rid of the body pains. Besides, it is one of the most well-known activities to unwind and relax.  

As time passes, different types of massage therapy are showing in the market. But, rest assured that their purposes are still the same. Have you heard about the hot stone massage? Have you tried one? If none, then this is the time you should have one and enjoy the benefits of this type of massage.  


If you are worrying about where to find the best hot stone massage therapist, hiring from Visalia massageis all you need to do. Enjoy the consoling and relieving effect of hot stone massage in the comfort of our company.  


The hot stone massage is not new to everyone who is in massage therapy for decades. This type of massage is performed by many cultures all over the world. It uses basalt lava stones that are put in very high-temperature water and place in the different parts of the body. Commonly, basalt lava stones lay in the sides of spines, palms, legs, feet, abdomen, and other parts of the body.  


Having a skilled massage therapist is beneficial since they will be the one to apply the basalt lava stones in areas where muscle pains and tension occur. The heat of the stone will relax your muscle and will make you feel relief.  


Many people expect that hot stone therapy is painful, but it is not. You do not need to worry about the heat of the stone since a registered massage therapist controls its temperature. It will not burn your skin or put your safety at risk. In case you feel that the pain is unbearable, you can immediately notify your therapist of the adjustments.  


Unfortunately, hot stone massage therapy is not for all people. Pregnant women and children should avoid this therapy because of the temperature of the stone. Apart from that, people with cancer, migraine, epilepsy, high blood pressure, heart diseases, and other related illnesses should also avoid the hot stone massage for safety purposes.  


There are many reasons why you should have hot stone massage therapy. These include the following: 

  1.  The hot stone massage therapy helps improve circulation, joint mobility, and awareness of the body, functions of the immune system, lymphatic drainage, and many more.  
  2. It also helps to have a good sleep. 
  3. It reduces and eliminates muscle pains.  
  4. It helps in getting rid of anxiety, stress, and depression.  


Our team is hoping that this article helps you decide to pamper yourself with a hot stone massage sometimes. Do not pressure yourself to work and other activities that might result in danger. If you need assistance and massage services, do not think twice to ask them from our team. Your comfort and safety are our topmost priority! 


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Winter Care for Your Indoor Plants

During the winter season, a lot of areas all over the world are experiencing snow fallen snow, and frozen pavements. Having indoor plants within our house has several benefits especially during this time of the year. Hence, it’s only best if you know how to take care of them during this time. To know better, keep on reading the list of tips provided by North Carolina lawn care experts: 

Watch the temperature 

Usually, indoor plants come from tropical places. They are available in various sizes, shapes, and colors and they can become specific on the exact temperature they need. So, we highly recommend you to determine the perfect temperature for the plants with you and pay attention to the thermostat. Temperatures close to 55-85°F are typically perfect for tropical plants. However, it can differ based on the plant species you have.  

Look out for pests 

In this cold season, the increased humidity due to humidifiers, the lack of sunlight, and the increased heat from the heaters can all result in your plants to have some pests such as mealybugs, fungus gnats, spider mites, and more. As much as possible, look out for your plants and see if there are signs of pests on them. Once they appear, make sure to do the right measures to remove them as soon as possible.  

Provide them light  

Be ready to transfer your plants to places within your house that can acquire light whenever the winter season comes. One of the best areas to place them would be by your windows. Just ensure that they are cleaned well both outside and inside for your indoor plants to get maximum light. Moreover, see to it that any accumulated dust on the plants’ leaves has been cleaned off. This can greatly allow them to absorb light better.  

Repot and prune 

The winter season is the ideal time for pruning household plants. But this still depends on what plant type you own. For instance, you don’t have to prune succulents more often. But when you have vining plants as your indoor plants, you need to prune them during this time of the year.  

Moreover, succulent don’t usually need to be repotted. However, keep in mind that woody plants will commonly undergo the dormancy stage during the cold seasons. Because of this, the winter season is the best time to repot them so that they will be prepared to begin budding and eventually grow once the spring season comes.  

Give them water 

At this time of the year, the problem is not always because the plants do not have sufficient water but it’s mostly because they are given excessive water by their caretakers. If you own an indoor succulent garden, this could be especially true. Hence, you have to guarantee to inspect more than just your plant’s topsoil. Other plants need to be completely dried out before they should be watered once again. But you should never let your plants to be very dry as well. Consult an expert lawn care contractor for more information. 

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