Our learning object: Seasons of Change In ISLS 2008, the Rootstown learning community was made. The group is made up of five students, (Vanessa Consolo, Laura Kelsey, Samantha Miller, Wesley Nader, Tyler Williams) and one teacher, Stephanie Lammlein. Now, the learning community is also known as S.E.E.D., or Students Explore Ecological Diversities. Our learning object is geared toward sparking an interest of science in students. Stephanie Lammlein's science class at Rootstown, called "Exploring Your World", uses a hands-on approach to help students learn, while having fun. While ISLS was showing us about science, we were taught how to test streams. This year, S.E.E.D. decided to show other high school students at Rootstown what we have learned. The Exploring class assessed Breakneck Creek, in two different locations. One on a farm, and the other in a forest. The whole class went out to the streams in the fall and also in the spring. 5 major categories were tested including the chemistry. riparion zone, physical characteristics, macroinvertebrates, and fish. Water and soil samples were collected and brought back to the classroom to be plated. Many labs were used in the class to get the samples' DNA, to see what bacteria were in the stream. Aside from just assessing streams, the Exploring class split into their stream groups and went to the elementary school to teach 4th graders hands-on lesson plans, to excite the young children about science. Surveys were taken by the children which showed how much they enjoyed the lessons. Most students loved the experience, and The Exploring class enjoyed teaching the 4th graders too. In March, the Rootstown learning community attended a conference with ISLS in Columbus. We created a poster for the conference in order to show others all about our learning object. In May, the Exploring Your World and Biology classes at Rootstown had a poster session to show the community about science and what we have learned in the class. Our learning object won't stop next year. This summer, the learning community will take 5 upcoming Exploring Your World students to teach techniques used at the ISLS 2008. These new students will replace our role in the Exploring class. The original ISLS learning community, also known as S.E.E.D, or Students Explore Ecological Diversities, will work as an aid in Exploring Your World. As an aid, the S.E.E.D. students will help with any questions Exploring students have, and student teach at the Elementary School weekly. Lesson plans for the student teaching will be using hands-on approaches to hopefully supply the elementary students with an interest in science early in their education. Link to school site