John Marshall

The John Marshall Learning Communty consisted of Jason Hodges, Lizz Hunt, Ashley Vangilder (correct if I'm wrong), Samantha Hawkins, and Amber Revelt. Our experience at the ISLS academy for 2008 had stayed with us and allowed us to create cross curricular lesson plans for all subjects of teaching. From this, we went into classrooms and taught our peers the impact that the environment has and how their subject of interest could help make the environment better. We discovered that students were not the only ones that were interested in helping the community and environment, but also teachers as well. We also received excellent feedback from the students we taught using hands-on learning. We hope that the teachers that allowed us to come into their classrooms will help us reshape the way education is taught. "The impact that we as a group received from everything we were taught at Hiram during the ISLS program dramatically changed our views on education and science. It was such a great influence on us when we took what we learned from the ISLS program of 2008 and applied it to our school. It's a thrill to see the number of students that were so involved when it came to learning with new methods. From that, we knew that everyone was ready for a change in education. We even saw some of the teacher excited about this and agreed to allow us into their class to teach these new methods. I also believed that we learned some great communication skills from our time at Hiram. We were placed with other schools that we were practically forced to work with, which (in the long run) helped us out immensely. We had come from very different backgrounds, and, indeed, it did clash in the beginning, but later on learned how to overcome those differences in order to get projects done. It was fun meeting and conversating with new people. This is crucial when you go out and hunt for a career. You're going to have to deal with people you don't know, you don't agree to, or don't like, but you have to work together in order to get things done. In the end it was rewarding in all aspects." ~Amber Revelt Link to school site Link to Flickr site