What we are going to do: We are planning on creating a virtual science club online. We thought that people would be more apt to engage in a club that was virtual, instead of the same old after school club, that would have to compete with other groups like student council and sports. Our activities are going to be spread out over the four nine weeks of the school year. Each quarter will have a focus on a different broad topic involving environmental issues. Feed Your Intellect (FYI) is the name of our club. It will involve a monthly pod-cast of our activities and, informative topical videos, that anyone can view. About Champion High School: Champion High School is currently the only school from Trumbull County that has participated in the STEM program. We are one of the few schools in Ohio who have been rated excellent for the past six years in a row! We are a small school that consists of about 450 students in the high school. We are a tight knit community, that strives for excellence in academics. Champion is located about 25 minutes east of Hiram toward Youngstown. Link to school site