The primary focus of a learning community is to bring all views to the table. That's exactly what our learning community did. Over the twelve day institute, we learned a lot about ourselves, working with others and the environment. During the time, we took the VARK learning test. Within our community we learned that there are all different types of learners. Some of us were visual, others were aural. There were also some readers and kinesthetic learners. With all of us being different, we had different views and opinions on things that helped us learn because we got to view all sides instead of just one persons. It proved that working with others is more beneficial than hurtful. We did so much stuff as a learning community involving the environment. We did the Primary Headwater Habitat assesment, the Ohio Rapid Assesment Method, tree keying and laser leveling together. This helped us obtain knowledge on what we could do to help the environment and how to identify wetlands and their categories. Link to school site