Ravenna 1

The Ravenna school district is located in the eastern Cuyahoga River watershed in Northeastern Ohio. It is made up of seven schools, including three elementary schools, a middle school, an intermediate school and a high school. In 2007, two groups from the school participated in the Igniting Streams of Learning in Science (ISLS) institute at Hiram College. The program was an intensive, two week course on watersheds and ecology, jointly run by Hiram College, the University of Akron and Kent State University. The capstone of the ISLS program was the design of a project to be completed over the remainder of the summer and be presented at the Ohio Digital Commons conference in the spring. The proposed construction of a new high school on a site including wetlands presented a unique opportunity for the group to oversee a wetlands construction/remediation project first-hand. Unfortunately for the group, but fortunately for the wetlands, construction was delayed while the Army Corps of Engineers reevaluated the construction permit application. Instead of monitoring the modification of the wetland during construction, the group will perform a baseline study of the area in order to make a before and after comparison of the habitat. Additionally, the results will be presented to the school board, both to inform them about the reasons that the construction is being delayed, and to demonstrate the skills and knowledge they have obtained from the Institute. Link to school site