"With great power comes great responsibility.”


Who we are: All five of the participants of the institute, four juniors and one senior, were teamed up with Biology teacher, Scott Maretka and Undergraduate Assistant from the University of Akron, Matt Kemp in a life-embarking quest to the ISLS Institute. Throughout the experience at the Institute, the group bonded into a close net community as each of the members learned many things about each other and of science and technology. Throughout the 12-day stay at the ISLS Institute in Hiram, OH, the Independence learning community found that their greatest sucess came from working well together as a team. Members of the community learned brand new topics through the collaboration of each member's innovative ideas, personal skills, and knowledge of science as well as discovering each of our strengths and weaknesses. With the aid of brand new technology such as the iPAQ and incorporating new teaching strategies outside the traditional classroom setting, the group discovered the benefits of learning science through hands-on activities versus learning science in the classroom setting. For example, several trips outside the campus involved laser leveling, motion sensoring, and stream analysis, all of which were very conducive to learning about the various aspects of science. From this, the group's interest and knowledge of science blossomed as each working day involved fun interaction with not only with each other but with other members of different learning communities as well. Overall learning object from ISLS = the team's objective to help improve science education in high schools.
  • To apply all the knowledge and information from the institute and incorporate it into IHS Science curriculum.
  • To utitlize the Land Lab, an invaluable piece of natural land with a running stream as a tool to help teach Environmental Science in a fun, innovative way for other students.
  • For more information about the learning object, look at the link below:
Independence - Land Lab The overall experience at the Institute grabbed each member's interest in science even more as each of the members hopes to pursue careers pertaining to science and/or technology. This life-enriching trip to Hiram College will forevermore be a joyful memory to the Independence Learning community, and the knowledge learned from the Institute will be most appreciated in the years that come. Visit our School Website: