What we are all about:

Did you know that freshwater streams are something that we need to preserve or we could be in a freshwater crisis? If everybody keeps taking water for granted, this may be the next big crisis in the world. If we don't want this to happen, there are many things the average citizen can do in their own backyards to monitor local streams or wetlands. We all became excited about this topic when the five of us went to Hiram College for the STEM Academy. We learned so much on how to classify streams, monitor their health, and why this is all so important. Prior to our stay at Hiram College, most of us knew close to nothing about Primary Headwater Habitats (PHWH) and what they were. Our stay only consisted of 12 days, but in that time we learned so much. There are simple things that everybody can do just to keep our streams and wetlands healthy. On this site we are documenting our projects and field studies that we have done as a group. At our school, we are going to start a science club and try to educate others on what they can do to get involved. We will also be taking the biology students out to evaluate a stream and teach them how to classify and determine stream health. Whenever we go out to the field we will be documenting our findings. This is such an important thing that is overlooked by so many people just because they don't know that our streams are something we should be concerned about. Our goal is to educate others and spread the word. Visit the BBC site Link to school site