STEM High School Academies

An Ohio Board of Regents Summer Academy

  Welcome to the home page for the Ohio Board of Regents Sponsored Summer Academy - Igniting Streams of Learning in Science (ISLS) developed by Hiram College, Kent State University and the University of Akron. The Academy has several goals:
  1. To attract and retain the most academically capable high school students from the middle and upper Cuyahoga Watershed for careers in teaching in science, technology, enginering and mathematics (STEM) subjects;
  2. To establish and support innovative learning communities that include high school students;
  3. To develop curricular materials in science subjects that are relevant to local students, promote learning of all students in science subjects, and excite students to consider STEM careers;
  4. To improve the Cuyahoga watershed and decrease negative environmental impacts of students and their communities through student learning that promotes critical thinking about roles that each resident plays in improving or degrading our own watershed environment.
Below are links that will help you to learn more about the ISLS Academy and how to apply to become a ISLS Academy Scholar or Teacher.