During the holidays, travel increases. Whether that means escaping the claws of winter, heading to the slopes or heading to your family and friends for a holiday feast and gathering, a lot of people are on the groove at this point in time of the year. The ever opportunists bed bugs love to take a life to a new environment in the luggage and clothing of the travelers.

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How Would You Protect Yourself from Bed Bugs?

Before the trip, some travelers seek professional advices on how to avoid taking these bed bugs home from their accommodations.

Place your suitcase on your bed. While it is clear that bed bugs may be hiding in several places of a certain room, they like to be near the supply of their food, and that’s why the bed where humans spend the largest amount of time in their room. Therefore, putting your luggage straight on your bed gives an opportunity to the bed bugs which are there to hitchhike and come with you. Also, you may help them transfer to other places on the way.

Another important thing that are oftentimes overlooked to examine for bed bugs is the valet or luggage rack. If other travelers have not been as cautious as you are, they might have planted an infestation there in the near future. Using your own flashlight if needed, do a careful inspection, focusing on crevices and cracks.

One safer option is to place your suitcase on the hard surface. Bed bugs may leave a port to cross those places however, if there would be no security for them, they wouldn’t linger. In addition to that, the tile floor in your bathroom is one great choice, as is in the tub or shower, if there is one. Furthermore, some travelers have bags which can be hung from an interior door or in the closet. And if the room has section of hardwood floor, that is another option.

To See is to Believe

One complication in performing the type of inspection professionals like Exterminators San Bernardino recommend is that the target is basically elusive. Bed bugs are very tiny insects. In fact, adult bed bugs are reddish-brown, oval and flat – about an apple sees sized. On the other hand, young bed bugs are even tinier and harder to see.

That little flashlight that are recommended by the professionals to the clients is a great thing to have when traveling. With it, you’ll be able to check out better the out-of-the-way areas the bed bugs can hide including the tricky areas behind the framed artwork and headboards.

Bed Bug Stigma

There’s a well-established myth around every bed bug infestation, implying that they’re a sign of an unclean habitat and poor housekeeping. Given the fact that you know now all about their resiliency and opportunistic behavior – the bed bugs can live up to six to eight months without a meal and is typically equipped to bear common poisons – the existence of bed bugs is not a condemnation. However, people stay sensitive.