River Management

Small facts about river pollution:
  • ALL of the sewage water is dumped into a creek which flows into a river which then goes to the lake
  • While washing your car at home saves money it hurts the environment because all of the sludge from the car goes into the sewer which again goes to the creek then the river.
  • Using native plants often require less watering and can reduce insect populations.
  • Watering once a week and in either the morning or late evening reduces water waste and evaporation be sure to water 1” in the ground.
River management: http://www.cleanriversandstreams.org/#auto site that is interactive and explains what can be done. It also gives links to further resources to learn alternative ways to manage your daily activities. http://www.americanrivers.org/about-rivers/why-we-need-healthy-rivers.html explains why we should care about river management. As well as explains the impact of river management in the environment. River protection programs to get involved with: http://www.ohioriverfdn.org/ http://www.cuyahogariverrap.org/index.html http://www.kingcounty.gov/environment/waterandland/stormwater/introduction/stormwater-runoff.aspx An awesome site that talks about river management explains why it matters and how to lower it. http://www.unesco-ihe.org/Education/Non-degree-Programmes/Online-courses/Integrated-River-Basin-Management A predesigned course work outline. This website can show teachers how to manage time towards the wetland education and shows key questions to ask and hope to get an answer about in key objects. Q: What contributes to river pollution? A: Any chemicals introduced into the environment via lawns, waste water, cars, home waste, etc... Q: What can I do to help? A: While it is unrealistic to expect people to completely overhaul their ways of life using organic and healthier alternatives and cutting back. While the more organic products are much more expensive think long term as to how much you save it does pay for itself given time and the earth will thank you. Q: What are some lawn care alternatives? A: For lawn care organic fertilizers such as Mega Green organic lawn care, Dr. Iron and additional ones found here. These are great sources for lawn care another option and much cheaper is using compost. Composts are easy to build a nice step by step video on how to build one can be found here. Q: What can I do in my home to improve river quality? A: Avoid dropping any chemicals down the drain. Also use more water friendly options found here.

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