Century House Garden

Founding the Garden Created by Professor and Mrs. James Barrow Jr., the Century House Garden contains culinary and household herbs popular in the nineteenth century. The design incorporated plants popular in the nineteenth century when the Western Reserve was developing. Indeed, some of the plants are from slips taken from plants and bushes known in their childhood by some of Hiram’s oldest residents. Thus, they give the viewer a sense of direct communion with the sturdy pioneers who built up our Western Reserve . The herb garden, the special project of Mrs. Jamie Barrow, has in it the various herbs used by our forefathers, for food, medicine, and dyeing. Renovation and Redesign The Century House project, begun in 2004 represents the way in which FHG has integrated community education with academic coursework and community service to form a sustainable garden of aesthetic beauty and historic importance. A new course for Weekend College Students, Learning Science and Technology through Horticulture redesigned the herb garden as the central project for the class. Each member contributed volunteer hours while incorporating historic elements from their research in the class into the design. The new design incorporates a historic waddle fence raised garden design. FHG board members, President Lucy Chamberlain and Secretary Prof. Denny Taylor guided the students through this project in the Fall of 2004. In 2005, construction of the fence was continued by FHG intern Taren Manley. The flagstone pavement with creeping thyme was installed by FHG interns Jeremy Blackstone, Garrett Higa and Seth Ostheimer. Plants for the design were selected by board member, Forrest Smith in 2006.

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