Canton Early College 2009

We completed our learning object by doing the following: 1.  Taking the students to a local stream to complete a stream snapshot in October. The students posted their results on the website listed below. You will find several pertinent parts of the project on the left hand side bar. 2. Google documents were prepared for each water sampling group. That is how all the results were compiled--the ones listed as 15 October stream data. 3. The KSU film crew made videotape of our October foray--cold and wet day, but the students did their sampling work. Dave Smeltzer and Bobby Makar have that footage. 4. Went back out to the stream on 20 May and had good success with the re-sampling under much more favorable conditions. We collected many more fish and insects and had time to key the spring wildflowers. In the fall we only identified the trees at our sample site and a few types of ground plants. 5. The last part of our learning object was to develop a science/environmental club. This was partially accomplished with the help of the local Canton Rotary Club. We formed an Interact Club--high school Rotary--and were able to do some recycling projects at the school. We will be continuing the water sampling this year with the three students who will be seniors. Our school has had a focus on water studies for 10 years, so we will probably continue this for the foreseeable future.