Kent Roosevelt 2008

When Kent Roosevelt started it's 2008 Igniting Streams experience we were two separate learning communities. When we were discussing learning objects, we decided that we would merge together. Through our experience in ISLS, we enjoyed the learning environment here, and we found it conducive to all of our learning styles. While collaborating ideas, we decided that our learning object would be a science day camp called Leading Environmental Awareness Project (L.E.A.P.). We collaborated many unique ideas and worked together to come up with the floor plan for the camp. The camp would reiterate all major ideas we had learned at ISLS. These would be major details such as the stream snapshot, the VARK learning assessment, tree keying and the ORAM evaluation in surrounding wetlands. The goal was to be five days long going from 9 A.M. until 5 P.M. While staying in contact with many local organizations and businesses willing to help, we decided we would try to receive help from the Kent Environmental Council, Kent State University and Hiram College. In order to get this started, we had to determine our target audience and set goals. We decided to target eighth graders from our local middle school.  We established they would benefit from this camp the most due to the transition from middle school to high school and we felt the camp would help keep their interest while entering the ninth grade. After we got an idea on what we wanted, we put together a presentation so we could gain support from our local organizations so the real planning could begin to take place. We had to take what we learned from ISLS and include it into our activities to prove to the participants there are alternative ways to learn while maintaining interest in science. We decided to aim for about 20 participants because we didn’t want to overdo it for our first practice. We decided that in order to get 20 students interested, we had to set up a table at an orientation we had for future ninth graders. While at the orientation, we had a large poster briefly explaining what L.E.A.P. was, why we were doing it and answered any questions anyone had. We also played a slide show so there was a visual of what we would be doing. We had a large majority of our goal take interest and they wanted to receive more information. Unfortunately, we were unable to reach our goal and go on with the summer camp due to lack of participants and funding. We are hoping to work through this summer and the 2009-2010 school year and complete our goal for the summer of 2010.