John Marshall 2008

John Marshall's Learning Object was to take what we learned at ISLS and apply it to our school's curriculum. We decided to tie in what we learned with a spectrum of different subjects outside of science. We wanted to show that the enivronment really does work with everything. Electives like health and art were used as well as the core subjects such as math and social studies. To see if what we were doing in the classrooms was effective we gave the students and the teacher a survey to get feedback. The feedback that we got was very postitive and supported our hypothesis. Students like to learn from other students because they can make the lesson more relatable and interesting. We also submitted an abstract to the Education Conference in Columbus in March of 2009 to make a 45 minute presentation in front of Ohio educators and it got accepted. Student Developed Cross-Ciricular Environmental Activities
by Ashley Vangilder
by Amber Revelt
by Samantha Hawkins
by Jason Hodges