Using the Social Networking Sites Model to Increase Scientifc Literacy in Grades 9-12

Using the Social Networking Sites Model to Increase Scientific Literacy in Grades 9-12 By: John Fisher, Danae Wolfe, Missy Hickman, Allie Fisher, Landon Nyako, Jason Whiting, Kristen Trina, and Ryan Ohlin. Abstract: More instruction time can increase scientific literacy in students, grades 9-12, but how do you add content to an already full day? The answer is a virtual science club using the models of Facebook and MySpace. With the assistance of one or more teachers, students create science content that is of interest to them, and share information through podcasts, videos, blogs and music. Come learn about the science club formed at Champion High School, along with measured outcomes, a timeline and a detailed budget. This model is intended for simple adoption by other districts and even younger age groups.