Lifetime Love of Science Takes a LEAP

Lifetime Love of Science Takes a LEAP By: Mitch Lambert, Brittany Emmert, Justin Shreve, Beth Howe, Stephanie Larrick, Lori Ahart, Emily Rinear, Sean Kretovics, Emily Paulus, Abbey Woolverton, and Collin Robinson.  Abstract: A learning community of 10 high school students, a high school teacher and two undergraduate mentors is creating a weeklong summer day camp for their eighth grade peers. The program will include visits to local wetlands using technology to engage students in active learning. Our presentation will highlight activities and how to create a sustainable, multi-age learning community focused on local environmental issues. This collaboration attempts to cross traditional P–20 boundaries by involving the local university, the local environmental council, the state department of natural resources and the community at large with public school students from various grade levels.