Kent Roosevelt – Enviromental Science Class

Where the road of ISLS led us:

Our learning community decided on creating an Environmental Science course at our high school. We used the basic outline of content and activities from the ISLS program to shape the curriculum of our course at the high school. When discussing what materials would be covered in the high school course, we wanted it to be about how they learned and not necessarily only what they learned. We created a curriculum that was suitable for the average junior or senior and revolved around journal entries, collecting data, and making conclusions from the information received. The course has eight modules ranging from pollution to stream and river health. The course allows the students to leave the classroom and go outside to their local wetlands and rivers to analyze the health and literally get their hands wet. Not only can the students engage themselves in hands-on activities, but they also have the chance to express their feelings and views in journal entries every week. They soon learn it is not about the right answer, but expressing their opinions ---- a whole new way learning that can be seen in every student. I. Introduction/Ethics II. Pollution III. Global Warming IV. Resource Conservation V. Agriculture/Sustainability VI. Water, Streams, and Rivers VII. Wetlands VIII. Independant Community Interaction (ICI)/Final Project