Kenston HHEI

Headwater assessment at the Hiram College stream site. Photo by Sean Doran.
Kenston students performing a pebble count at the headwater on their school campus. Photo by Christian Barrus. The purpose of this site is to help people learn how to identify the class of various primary headwater streams through a headwater habitat evaluation index ( HHEI ). The HHEI process includes three different matrices: substrate, pool depth, and bankfull width. The good thing about someone learning how to use the HHEI method, is that it's easy, fast, and doesn't require any special skills. Classroom Activity Materials HHEI Lesson Plans HHEI How-to Powerpoint Notes(by Kenston Students) How-to HHEI document (from ISLS) HHEI Form (Excel file) Completed Form (scanned image) Primary Headwater Habitat Powerpoint Notes (from ISLS) Rapid Assessment Classification Powerpoint Notes (from ISLS) Addition Terms Powerpoint Notes (from ISLS) Pebble Count Lab Sheet Video: Substrate Types (Pebble Count) Video: Pool Depth Quick Video: Bank Full Width

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