Crestwood – Virtual Wetlands Identification

Overview We are participating in ISLS because we are trying to reform the way science is taught in schools around the world. We are doing this by learning about stream ecology and how we can pass it on to our own school. This institute helped us create learning objectives as a guideline for future science classes. Learning objects are courses, lessons, or ways of teaching to the standards of the state. Our learning objectives, not only involve science standards, but also math, english, history, and technology. We are trying to re-define science education not only through the classroom, but through hands-on field experience as well. We assessed our local area with the following protocol. Below are the lesson plans used for the activities as well as any forms or instructional material that was used in the course of the labs. The wetland delineation lessons include a virtual wetland identification for training in the classroom. This lesson was presented by the students at the 2008 ODCE conference in Columbus.