Brooklyn 1 & 2

The Brooklyn Learning Community at the 2012 Igniting Streams of Learning in Science Institute was composed of seven high school students, one high school teacher, and two undergraduate students. Since the learning community had seven students in it, the students were able to explore multiple learning objects to complete over the course of the school year. To start, the students decided to compose three different curricula about watersheds for each of their schools and cater those lesson plans towards the students they were teaching. For example, when they go to the elementary school to teach the fourth grade students, they’re arranging the lesson plan to be extremely interactive and include elements that the students can touch, such as macro invertebrates. This ensures that the students remain excited about the material but are still able to learn and remember what is being taught. The second part of their learning object is a community outreach program. The City of Brooklyn is only four square miles by four square miles, so it is extremely small and close knit. The students want to host a community outreach night where their local town’s people can come in and learn about their watershed. The students want to teach them various ways to protect the water and to manage storm water overflow with things such as rain barrels and rain gardens. The students hope that between reaching out to the school district and the community, they can start to make an impact on their local watershed and educate various generations to ensure that progress continues to be made.

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