Understanding Arc GIS/GPS Systems

Georeferencing is a technological system that processes and aligns spatial data. Spatial data may include numerical survey information such as distance, altitude, and GPS position. The alignment of spatial data is normally to an image such as a map, satellite image or overhead photo. The above picture of Hiram's campus has GPS points of specific buildings aligned to it. Since specific points have been georeferenced, other buildings' GPS locations can be derived from this above alignment in ArgGIS. What can you do with aligning data to maps? Aligning spatial data in maps will allow computer software to accurately predict spatial data that was not initially collected and aligned.
  • See the tutorial for georeferencing your own data to images. The tutorial is a powerpoint presentation. Right click on the link and click save as. Tutorial *about 500kb in size
  • powerpoint files can be viewed on the pocket pc with pocket slideshow found at http://www.cnetx.com/slideshow/
Georeferencing in ArcGIS ArcGIS software is a very easy and userfriendly geoprocessing and georeferencing system. This matches the graphical interface with geoprocessing functionability through the use of tools located in the software suite.