PDAs and Use in Gardens

The iPAQ 4350, like other Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), can be thought of as a “mini” Windows computer. It allows you to do many of the things you normally do on a “big” computer, including accessing the internet, creating text documents, and playing audio and video files. Its wireless capabilites allow limitless expansion and connectivity. The pocketpc operating system resembles that of desktop systems and can now allow all your normal application to be run right on the screen. Importance in the Gardens and Around Hiram Originally new technology was being developed to improve higher education at Hiram. Personal Digital Assitants and Pocket PCs were among the first devices suggested as possibly beneficial. The Hiram Garden Society and the OLN grant provided the funding and beta testing environments necessary to assess use on campus. Originally beta testing was based on using Pocket PCs useability around campus. This later was expanded into mapping the gardens GPS locations and georeferencing them to an image. The Pocket PCs were useful to obtaining data in the field with the use of Bluetooth GPS receivers. GPS receivers and other addon peripherals will immensely be useful for field biology at Hiram. Wireless technology comes standard with these Pocket PCs and can allow students to access desktop computers in their room, the internet, the library, and other research materials online.