Lenya Software for PDA Accommodation

In order to accommodate a website for PDAs as well as a website through traditional methods, a system needs to be in place that will allow for ease of management for multiple mediums. Lenya, an official project from the members of the Apache Software Foundation, allows users to enter data that is stored in XML, and that data can be reformulated into multiple templates across multiple mediums. In our project, Lenya was used to serve our content both for a traditional website on desktops and laptops as well as specifically for the Compaq/HP iPaq PDAs. As a result, with one interface, we're able to maintain both websites easily. The site was also written in compliance with web standards guidelines from the World Wide Web Consortium, making it easier for those with disabilities to access the site. Jonothan Linczak lincazkjw@hiram.edu   last updated 13 June 2005 Banner Photo by Mathew J. Wilson

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