Technology Applications

PDA use - Support from the Ohio Learning Network and the Department of Education has allowed development of the webpage design for this grant. Educational materials previously only available as handouts are now loaded onto webpages accessible from any computer or wireless PDA. PDA choice - The choice of PDA was an important decision in promoting accessibility by all intended user groups. Students and computer staff tend to problem solve with PDAs easily while faculty and community members found PDA use and connectivity more of a challenge. Database Development - FHG worked with Professor Ellen Walker and Database Course members Jim Hillyer, Leslie White, and John Zimmerman to develop a relational database to help manage activities of FHG and plantings on the Hiram College Campus and in public space in Hiram Village. Future plans including making the database interactive with pocket computers for entering data in the field . GPS/GIS - Finding plants and gardens using maps accessible from PDAs will be possible in the near future. All trees and shrubs on campus will be entered onto an electronic map using Geographic Position System - GPS (satellite) coordinates and Geographic Information System (GIS) software. LENYA - Lenya was used to serve our content both for a traditional website on desktops and laptops as well as specifically for the Compaq/HP iPaq PDAs. As a result, with one interface, we're able to maintain both websites easily.