These historic views of Hiram Township and Hiram village are taken from the 1874 Portage County Atlas. Though they may appear idealized, contemporary photographs attest to the accuracy of the artist's eye. The residence of Alvah Udall just outside the eastern boundary of Hiram village on State Route 305. The view looks uphill to the west toward the intersection of Route 82. The barns and fences on the south side (to the left of the picture) no longer exist; otherwise the view is identical to what one sees today. At the upper right can be seen the cupola of the original building of the Western Reserve Eclectic Institute (1850), which became Hiram College in 1867. An 1857 view of the original building of the Western Reserve Eclectic Institute (built in 1850). It was a spectacular example of Greek Revival proportion and symmetry. It announced to all the world the aspirations of the new academic institution. It was victorianized in 1886 and razed in 1969. This is an early 20th century postcard that reproduces the first Hiram Church (1842, burned 1855) and the second church. A very early photograph of the Garfield House (aka Boynton-Clapp House) on Hinsdale Street, most likely taken sometime in the late 1860s or early 1870s. It is virtually unchanged today, though the tree is considerably larger! Immediately west of the Garfield House stands Bonney Castle, built for John Bonney as an inn in 1853. It is an icon of Hiram village architecture. Glass-plate image from the 1890s (Hiram College Archives). A house built by carpenter-builder Pelatiah Allyn in the late 1840s on the southeast corner of State Route 700 and Pioneer Trail (today known as "Panorama Farm"). Though not as neat as the atlas views, the elements are identical down to the varieties of fencing. Another early postcard, this from Hiram Rapids, a small village in the northwest quadrant of Hiram Township. This very early building burned in the late 1990s. The beautiful Doric-style door surround resembles a series of such doors in Hiram village, as well as the surrounding area (at the intersection of U.S. 422 and State Route 528 in Parkman, for instance).