These maps illustrate, in descending order, the divisions of the State of Ohio, moving from the entire land mass of the state as it was carved from the Northwest Territory through increasingly smaller land units. The descending order culminates, in our case, with the Township of Hiram. The township was purchased by a group of investors who lived in southeastern Connecticut. The primary investor was Daniel Tilden, of Lebanon, Connecticut, who was known as the proprietor of the township and the only one who ever visited or lived here. Click on the underlined map names to see the full maps. Rufus Putnam Map of Ohio, 1804 (at the Ohio Memory Project (No. 2)) John Melish Map of Ohio, 1812 (at the Ohio Memory Project) 1826 Map of the Western Reserve of Connecticut (Fox Map Collection, Hiram College Archives). Map of Portage County in 1857 (at the Reed Memorial Library, Ravenna, OH) Map of Hiram Township in 1857 (at the Reed Memorial Library, Ravenna, OH)