Reserve Landscapes

The following pages depict various aspects of Hiram, a small, college town in Portage County Ohio, 35 miles southeast of Cleveland. The site is designed to help you not only to recognize the outstanding characteristics of a village with many intact references to its New England heritage, but also to understand why it has those characteristics. The site should help the viewer to see Hiram at the same time that the viewer comes to realize why it looks as it does. Hiram College Library, East view. In the late 1790s, the Western Reserve of Connecticut--northeast Ohio--had just been surveyed and was slowly being opened to settlement. Over the next half century, the community of Hiram assumed a character that has persisted over two centuries. Hiram Hill, looking west from Udall Road. The site illustrates aspects of the village's and surrounding township's architectural heritage from the nineteenth century; it also looks at the cemetery in the village. Many of the design elements that ordered the lives of living residents in nineteenth century Hiram were also important in the planning of those residents' final resting place. Gravestones, Fairview Cemetery, Hiram.