The Weekend College Garden at Pendleton House

The Weekend College Garden developed by History Professor Roland Layton behind Pendleton House, offers serenity and privacy and colorful perennial borders in an area that was a garden for many decades. The duplex apartment on the site was turned into a dormitory for history majors and renamed Pendleton House, in honor of Thorn Pendleton, Warren industrialist and long-time chairman of the Hiram College Board of Trustees. At that time a group of faculty and student living in the house, cleared the area, planted grass, and prepared the flower beds. It is noteworthy that the soil was still of high quality, no doubt reflecting large quantities of manure put on it in bygone years. The garden is filled with a diverse array of shrubs and perennials including a notable assortment of day lilies and “old roses", and several sculptures by Ellen Jagow, wife of Hiram College President Elmer Jagow. FHG plans to connect the back of this garden with Bonney Castle by restoring the 19th century low-maintenance orchard for which Plum Ridge Drive is named, eliminating the weed bed that occupies the intervening space. The Hiram College Alumni Association has taken on this garden as a project. To return this garden to a pristine state, FHG would like to utilize interns trained at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens. The woodland path connecting with Bonney Castle is an important educational site for Hiram College students studying restoration ecology, a rapidly growing movement for creating sustainable landscapes from disturbed areas.

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