The Medicinal Herb Garden at Mahan House

Medicinal Herbs at the Center for Literature and Medicine In 2004, HCGS President of the Friends of the Hiram Gardens, Lucy Chamberlain and student Nick Zimet designed a Medicinal Herb garden as a teaching collection for the Center for Literature and Medicine. This web page was created to make information about medicinal herbs more accessible and understandable. Detailed in this site is a wealth of information gathered primarily by Nick as part of his internship with the Friends of the Hiram Gardens in 2004. The links go to individual pages on medicinal plants, outlining their cultivation and usage.
  1. Allium sativum - Garlic
  2. Calendula officinalis - Pot Marigold
  3. Cichorium intybus - Chicory
  4. Colchicum autumnale - Autumn Crocus
  5. Digitalis officinalis - Foxglove
  6. Echinacea purpurea - Echinacea
  7. Monarda didyma - Bee Balm
  8. Pulmonaria officinalis - Lungwort

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