Hurd Memorial Garden

Meandering Paths in the Hurd Victorian GardenLeft Sidebar Page Type Image Designed by Valerie Strong, the Hurd Garden won a Perennial Plant Association honor award for environmental landscape design. This Victorian garden, with its benches, potted plants, fountain and historic perching fence, is one of Hiram's most beautiful locations. The design created a landscape with informal soft edges. Plants provide natural walls as they grow throughout the summer, providing private places for seclusion at the hub of Hiram's campus. The garden is named in honor of the father and son team, Dr. Frank and Harry Hurd whose office occupied this site until the building was demolished in 1985. As the symbol of FHG, board members are transforming the garden through a planned program of replanting preceded by replacement of the clay fill under the garden with a leaf mulch based soil from the Greater Cleveland Ecological Association. This garden has the greatest and most diverse assemblage of horticultural plant varieties of all of the gardens. The perching fence is an exact replica of the fence surrounding the original Eclectic Institute in 1850 and is named because of the early Hiram traditions of men helping to steady their girlfriends (hence "perches") as they sat on the fence. The replacement of the soil and addition of new pea gravel for the paths is a high priority for FHG. List of Species in the Hurd Garden
  1. Achillea tomentosa - Wooly Yarrow
  2. Calendula officinalis - Pot Marigold
  3. Digitalis officinalis - Foxglove
  4. Geum coccineum - Geum
  5. Lobelia x speciosa - Cardinal Flower
  6. Pulmonaria officinalis - Lungwort
  7. Saponaria ocymoides - Soapwort
  8. Sempervivum tectorum - Hens and Chicks
  9. Veronica incana - Wooly Speedwell
Banner Photo by Mathew J. Wilson

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