Gardening at Hiram… what fun!!

So over a period of 2 beautiful late September days, I helped out in the Bonney Castle garden and the Century House garden. Day one in the Bonney Castle English garden consisted of sweeping off the steps around the Knot Garden while ridding the path of any and all weeds I encountered.  After about an hour of that, the last bit of time was spent transporting huge piles of compost from the side of Bonney Castle to the back of the garden.  All greenery was sifted out and stuck into buckets to be transported elsewhere. Day two in the Century House garden was comprised of ridding the beds of most of the crops that would not survive the impending winter season.  Examples of these included the tomato and pumpkin plants.  What was left were the rhubarb plants.  A lot of weeding was done in the beds as well.