Community Service

For nearly a full six hours i participated in building a stone wall along side Bonney Castle.  The experience was great, though the effort that was required to make this mission a success was nothing less than strenuous.  I was able to choose which stones fit best in each position giving myself the honor and responsiblity of creating something beautiful.  The stones were extremely heavy, but i considered them a piece of art due to their natural shapes, colors, and natural erosion markings that were left on their faces.  By building this great wall the idea became apparent to me that i am having an impact on the watershed.  With my participation in this project have helped water retention similar to that of a small dam.  I was not apart of attaching the drainage system within the masonry, but i have acknowledged that controlling where the wawter extracts manages the runoff versus the amount that is used by the soil.  This project has informed, strengthened, and allowed me to be apart of Hiram history.