The Gardens

  The Hiram gardens are a community asset conceived by and maintained entirely through the effort of volunteers and charitable donations. Although each garden occupies a site on land owned by Hiram College, the Hiram Christian Church or the Hiram Historical Society are on property owned by the Village of Hiram, these places of beauty exist because of efforts of members of the community. An endowment was established by long time resident and former principle of the Hiram School, Reign Hadsell, to provide basic support for what he recognized as truely exceptional regional assets. In the 30 years between 1974 and 2004 eight gardens have been established, each one with a different design and purpose. The gardens in order of their construction are:
  1. The English Garden at Bonney Castle
  2. The Weekend College Garden at Pendleton House
  3. The Copper Beech Park
  4. The Missionary Memorial Garden at the Hiram Christian Church
  5. The Century House Garden
  6. The Hurd Memorial Garden
  7. The Mahan House Gardens
  8. The Medicinal Herb Garden at Mahan House
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Not only have Hiram Village and Township citizens and Hiram College alumni and personnel contributed to the beauty surrounding us but special mention should be made for students and friends from other communities who during transient stays varying from a few hours to a career of undergraduate study have left a lasting impression in these gardens. It is fun to see them come back to visit their special areas. In addition service clubs, including friends, relatives and above all the Trustees of Hiram College and their spouses have seen that Hiram has a unique number of gardens for its size and have encouraged by contributions and support, the continuing growth of interest and activities in the Friends of the Hiram Gardens.