Friends of the Hiram Gardens

Hurd Garden Bench & Lion Fountain Mission The mission of the Hiram College Garden Society is to foster community education and Hiram's aesthetic appeal, utilizing public gardens on the College's campus and in the surrounding community. Past, Present and Future Hiram Public Gardens was established as an organization in the spring of 1980 by Hiram College faculty Jamie Barrow, Roland Layton and John Shaw to maintain the lovely public gardens created in the 1970s. Eight organizations and several individuals in the village supported this project financially. Four work-study students worked in the gardens during the summer of 1980. The project was so successful that the three who started the project were joined in 1981 by a fourth, Mrs. Frances Pendleton (Mrs. Thorn). Memberships were offered to anyone interested in the perpetuation of the gardens. By the late 1980s the Hiram Public Gardens had obtained national recognition by the Herb Society of America as a site for its biannual meetings, the Perennial Growers Association from an award, and through articles in books and journals. The original enthusiasm for Hiram Public Gardens faded as the founders retired and moved away from Hiram, leaving only a few to sustain what had become a local treasure. Reorganized in the spring of 2003 from the Hiram Public Gardens (1980-2003) the Hiram College Garden Society was formed - a thriving group of interested faculty, staff, students, and alumni of Hiram College working with the people of Hiram to reinstate the importance of natural beauty in our community. In keeping with other support organizations in Hiram the Society changed its name to Friends of the Hiram Gardens (FHG) in January of 2005. Through various volunteer and community outreach programs, along with our thriving internship program, FHG is bridging the gap between gardens as a place of relaxation and beauty and gardens as educational tools. Throughout 2005 we plan to continue our rejuvenation efforts, and through the meticulous and dedicated work of all involved, this will be the year that the FHG firmly plants itself at the forefront of local horticultural and educational activity. Members of the FHG board are excited to be a part of a joint effort with Hiram College to make Hiram an important destination for people interested in horticulture and landscape design. helping residents of local communities to understand the relationship between their own personal actions and local environments including watersheds that drain from our gardens. The joint mission of creating beauty though decisions informed by good practices in horticulture and landscape design is central to both the current success and sustainability of these gardens and the greater landscapes in and around Hiram.