Social Science Internship

The purpose of this internship is to provide students in the social sciences a chance to develop their practical work related skills in future careers in the social sciences. The internship provides this opportunity by applying those skills directly in projects associated with the gardens maintained by the Friends of the Hiram Gardens. Although founded in the 1980s, the Hiram Gardens lack the communal, collegiate and financial support necessary to sustain these historic gardens for enjoyment and education of the public. The FHG Outreach Internship is designed to increase public awareness and support in all three support areas. Students accepting this internship will divide their time into four parts: maintenance work in the gardens, computer development skills for public outreach primarily centered on webpage and design of a new Sakai Collaborative Learning Environment course on gardens, support for the gardens through implementation of the fund-raising approved by the FHG board and political development through outreach to various programs and events. Internship Components
  • Maintenance of the seven public gardens
  • Development of the education program associated with the new Century House 19th Century Sustainable Landscapes gardens;
  • Creation of a public outreach plan aimed at two communities: Hiram College, and the Hiram community by applying skills from social science classes; and
  • Creation of webpages that reflect the new public outreach plan that includes financial support
  • Planning for Fall and Spring events to generate public support
Logistics of Internship Positions:1 Hours of work: 40 per week Compensation: $7.50/hour Eligibility: Sophomore and Junior standing