CBG-HC Internship

The purpose of the CBG-HC internship is to provide students with the opportunity to work in a professional horticultural environment alongside trained horticulturalists and others employed in the horticultural field. Students opting for the CBG-HC internship will divide their time equally between Hiram’s gardens, where they will work under the Service Learning Internship, and the Cleveland Botanical Gardens, where they will be integrated into CBG’s own internship program.
Components of the Program
Students participating in the CBG-HC Internship will not only fulfill their duties to the Service Learning Internship but will also work as an intern at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens. The Cleveland Botanical Gardens The Cleveland Botanical Garden component of the program consists of the same duties and responsibilities as the Service Learning Internship, as well as the opportunity to work alongside professionals in the field of horticulture. Responsibilities may include but are not limited to: • maintaining and working in a greenhouse • helping to develop educational programs to be run by CBG • tool and power equipment training • the opportunity to work independently in various gardens, performing all professional gardening duties • the opportunity to work with plant suppliers and garden designers
Logistics of the Service Learning Internship Program
• Number of Positions: 2 • Time Frame of the Program: varies • Hours of Work: up to 40 hours per week (20 in Hiram, 20 in Cleveland) • Compensation: 7.00 per hour • Who is Eligible: Junior and Senior undergraduate students • Application Requirements: varies • Application Deadline: varies • Contact Information: Professor Dennis Taylor via email at TaylorDJ@Hiram.edu