Hiram Gardens

Although we seldom notice, plants tell us more than we realize about the environment in which they live. Adapted to thrive under specific soil, humidity, and light conditions just to name three important factors, plants do not grow well when the specific conditions to which they are adapted are not met. The presence of some plants and the absence of others (wet soil loving versus dry soil loving, for example) can tell us immediately about local microenvironmental conditions. In fact plants, are acting to monitor the environment for specific conditions. By learning about these conditions, we can use plants to monitor the environment for us. Plants maintained in the eight gardens tended by the Friends of the Hiram Gardens are selected for specific environmental conditions. The new tree plan for the Hiram Fairview Cemetery also takes into account the very different soil conditions in different parts of the expanding cemetery which once was restricted to high and dry soil conditions. Take a look at how well a plant is thriving, and read about the conditions for its successful culture and see if you can recognize when plants have been planted in conditions that help them to thrive.