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The Ohio Learning Network, funded through the Ohio Board of Regents, serves to expand learning opportunities of all Ohioans, assist colleges in the use of technology in instruction, support leading edge instruction and facilitate partnerships among higher education institutions, schools, businesses, industry and local community. The Learning Community Initiative promotes groups of faculty, staff, students focused on improving student learning though specific innovative programs. Overview The purpose of this grant is to form a community of faculty, students, computer staff, librarians and community members who will work together to evaluate wireless Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) for educational purposes. The learning community will do this by examining resources currently availabe on the web and by developing new resources for formal and informal educational purposes. Click on these links to find more information about the grant and resources created from the grant and a case study of the learning community as they become available. 1st row - Jeff Wanser, David Anderson, Sean Little, Dan Scott; 2nd row Jon Linczak; 3rd row - Bryan Drennen; 4th row Denny Taylor Learning Community Members David Anderson, Professor of English, faculty; Valerian Anderson, Director of Educational Technology, staff; Lucy Chamberlain, President, Friends of the Hiram Gardens, Hiram community member; Joseph Dombroski, Biology Major, student; Bryan Drennen, Manager, User Service Computer Center, staff; David Factor, Treasurer, Friends of the Hiram Gardens, Hiram community member; Martin D. Flagg, Network/Email Administrator, staff; Willard Greenwood, Assistant Professor of English, faculty; Jonathon Linczak, Web Master, staff Sean Little, Biology Major, student; Daniel Scott, Managment Major, student; Jason Seith, Web Specialist, staff; Forrest Smith, Board Member, Friends of the Hiram Gardens, Hiram community member; Dennis Taylor, Professor of Biology, faculty; Jeff Wanser, Librarian, faculty/librarian; Sajit Zachariah, Interim Department Chair College of Education, University of Akron, faculty. Goals
  1. To develop online modules that utilize environmentally based resources in the Hiram community as teaching resources including the James H. Barrow Biological Field Station and the Hiram Community Gardens;
  2. To integrate PDA technology into both science and non-science classrooms and everyday use in a pilot program fostering professor, student, staff and community member partnerships;
  3. To provide workshops on the use of technology and technology resources in gardening and ecology; and
  4. To enhance and adapt websites on gardens and Western Reserve resources for PDA use.