Garden-Landscape Materials

Welcome to the website hosting the Hiram College Learning Community on Biodiversity, Watersheds and Landscapes. Our site was developed initially through a grant from the Ohio Learning Network, Ohio's premiere e-learning site, dedicated to improving teaching and learning through technology. We began investigating the public gardens of Hiram Village and how they are influenced and determined by the larger landscapes of Hiram Village. Our goal was to promote understanding of the relationship between plants and the environment by developing Personal Digital Assistant (pda) accessible educational resources. The site has expanded as our original work grew to include other landscapes of the Western Reserve, and was funded through a grant from the United States Department of Education (DOE) establishing Hiram College's Center for the Study of Nature and Society. The Biomonitoring Intitative of the DOE grant highlights simple to complex biomonitoring efforts that help citizens understand the role that each of us plays in shaping our own environments and the diversity of life in them. We invite you to learn more about this exciting endeavor to bridge educational, generational and cultural divides using our local environment, gardens and technology as connections.