Optimal Foraging

Project Leaders - Christina Colosimo and Brian Golino - August 2008

Abstract The force required to pull Mytilus edulis from rocks was studied on Appledore Island, Maine to determine if the mussels are affected by the vast ranges of saline environments they experience throughout daily tidal cycles. Mussels were selected individually and randomly after soaking for one hour in various salinities. Each sample had a hole drilled through its shell.  It was then hooked up to a tensometer, and pulled until it detached from its rock substrate. The distance recorded by the tensometer was then converted from a distance in millimeters to a force using Hooke’s Law. A one way ANOVA demonstrated no significant difference in force required to detach the mussels after they were saturated at various saline solutions (0ppt, 34ppt and 68ppt). These data show there is no increase in the force required to remove a mussel from its substrate with increasing salinity; however the data are not conclusive due to small sample sizes in treatments showing a high degree of within treatment variability.
Christina Colosimo Major - Marine Biology UCLA 08'
Future Plans  - I would like to get a masters in Wild Life Conservation and Public Affairs and go into policy making.  
Christina Colosimo
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