Christa Chappell

components     - Internship     - Training     - post-institute meetup activities

- Oram


-invasive species



- Water Quality

- Nature Walk

- Bank Hazard Erosion Index

- stream snapshot

    - water chemistry

    - habitat

    - stream mapping

    - invertebrates

    - fish

- remote sensing

- Circle Game

- Animal Noises

- Birthday Game

- Deer and Wolf

- Energy Ball

skills     - leadership skills     - being able to back away and let the kids answer     - ORAM assessment     - TIme Management     - Collaboration

- Communication

     - Organization

- Motivation

- Delegation

- Compilation

- Innovation

- Negotiation

The purpose of this stewardship- liaison position is to work in a professional setting with students, and to aid in the awareness of community and surrounding areas. We get the opportunity to help educate students not only about watersheds and wetlands, but interactive and engaged learning and the many uses of a stem major. It is also to introduce the students at our home institutions to what North East Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD) is and what their mission is. Components- As listed above, we have multiple components to the internship, which began with training on may 21st. We followed up our training with an 8 day institute, in which we worked with high school students and encouraged a highly condensed and focused learning environment. And lastly we will be working throughout the school year, not only with the learning communities that we formed during the institute, but also within our home institutions with undergraduate classes and educating them in a service learning program and introducing them to NEORSD; who they are and what they do. Training- Our training occurred over three weeks and was finished in various areas of Northeastern Ohio. Parts of it was completed in Camp Corde, training for the institute. Parts were completed within the Metro Parks, whom we partnered with for the institute. We spent a day with all the other steward-liaisons and learned what it meant to hold a stewardship-liaison position. We also spent a day learning about NEORSD and what they are trying to do with the schools and institutions. ISLS Institute- This was an eight day program, where students from 5 different schools came and were grouped in 9 different learning communities. Each day we focused on a different aspect of environmental science, all surrounding watersheds and headwaters, and wetlands. As a near peer mentor type position, I was a guide for the students. I helped them form their own questions and gain the confidence to find the answers. The important part in all of this was forming that bond with the students, and really showing them that not only did I care about what we were learning, but I cared about them as an individual and that is why they felt comfortable sharing their ideas with me and their thoughts. This is very applicable with what I want to do for the rest of my life as either a Physical Therapist, or even a Personal Trainer.  When you are training someone, helping them to learn something you are the resident expert of, you have to form more than just a formal relationship with them. You have to take it upon yourself and invest time and show them that you care and that you are there to help them answer their questions. To help them gain enough confidence to ask those questions. Another major thing to take away from the institute was how we were working within larger groups than just twos and threes. We had to help the group grow, all together, and it was no easy task.  When you are working with more than one person, and you are in a leadership position, you have to see your groups skills and nudge them in the right direction that will not only benefit them as an individual but also benefit the group as a whole. Service Learning- this topic is not one I can write much about, simply because it hasn’t happened yet and will happen this school year in 2012. However, We as Stewardship-Liaisons will be helping to create an interactive and engaged class, based on the content produced by the professor we will be working with. As the institute in the summer was with high schoolers, this will be with College students, and a different venue altogether. I am looking forward to being in another leadership position and having the opportunity to train students in an educational manner.

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