RMB 2008 Participants

Class Members Posing for Group Photo on Day 1 Photo: Tyler Garzo Students Students work in groups designing experiments, collecting data and analyzing results. Students then take individual data sets and work up reports. The topics for RMB08 and the individuals responsible for writing up the reports are listed below and connect to links describing the research. Chris Brown - Hagfish Slime Studies Sarah Chang - Periwinkle Temperature Tolerance Audra Chaput - Bryozoan Filter Feeding Christina Colosimo - Optimal Foraging Sal DeCarli - Byssal Thread Studies Brian Golino- Optimal Foraging Cecilia Sydor Estable - Baleen Filtering
Faculty Doug Fudge Jeanette Lim Anne Todgham Denny Taylor Teaching Assistants Rachel Fineman Tim Winegard Dennis J. Taylor taylordj at hiram.edu last updated 20 August 2008