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Jeanette Lim, B.S. - Harvard University Douglas Fudge, Ph.D. - University of Guelph Anne Todgham, Ph.D. - University of California, Santa Barbara Dennis J. Taylor, Ph.D. - Hiram College Teaching Assistants Rachel Fineman. B.A. - Saint Mark's School, Dallas Tim Winegard B.A. - University of Guelph RMB is a hands-on course in which students explore the marine environment around Appledore Island via field and laboratory experiments of their own design. This course is unique in that students learn practical skills that are required of all biologists, such as generating hypotheses, experimental design, data collection, statistical analysis, group decision-making, writing scientific papers, and communicating results to others. The class works together on several experiments inspired by student observations, primary literature, lectures, and data collected by previous classes. Phenomena investigated in previous years include: predator-prey interactions, vertical migration in zooplankton, biomechanical design, foraging behavior, photosynthesis, and adaptation to intertidal stressors such as desiccation, temperature, and wave action. Students gain practical experience with laboratory, field, and remote sensing equipment, and work with a diverse range of marine organisms including vertebrates, invertebrates and algae. Each student takes responsibility for writing up the results from one experiment and presents the results in a scientific symposium at the end of the course. This course is highly recommended for undergraduates interested in independent research or considering graduate education in biology, as well as science educators seeking experience in inquiry-based learning. Natural Experiments Growth in Intertidal Kelps - 2006 Field Experiments Effect of Salinity on Holding Strength of Blue Mussels - 2008 Laboratory Experiments Ambient Water Temperature Effects on Hagfish Slime Production - 2008 Effect of Water Flow Rates on Baleen Filtering Efficiency - 2008 Prey Choice in Foraging Green Crabs with Damaged Claws - 2008 The Effect of Size on Temperature Tolerance in Periwinkles - 2008 Colony Size and Filter Feeding in Bryozoans - 2008 Participants: Research In Marine Biology 2006 Participants Research In Marine Biology 2008 Participants Links: Shoals Marine Laboratory
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