Glossary Bank - the lateral confines of a stream   Bank full - the width of the river as measured by the distance between banks during               baseflow conditions   Baseflow - when groundwater provides the entire flow of a stream, baseflow conditions               are said to exist (Iowa Department of Natural Resources)   Bed - the bottom of the stream; the physical boundary of normal water flow   Benthic - referring to the bottom of a stream - benthic macroinvertebrates are collected               from where they live on the bottom of a stream   Channel - the bed of a stream, river, or waterway   Continuous - uninterrupted   Continuum - an unbroken chain or series - water flowing from a field into a primary               headwater into a larger stream and into a river form a continuum no matter where               it is found in that list   Delineate - to trace the outline of   Divergent - drawing apart from a common point   Diverse - different kind, character, or form   Drainage - water flowing off an area   Ephemeral - flowing for only a short period of time   Fauna - animals of a certain area   Intermittent - flow that stops or ceases for a period of time   Interstitial - flow interrupted by ground (dry sub-surface between pools)   Metric - a system of parameters that are measured   Obligate - able to exist or survive only in a particular environment   Parameters - limits or boundaries; guidelines   Perennial - flowing year round   Periodic - happening over regular intervals   Pools - deep or still place in a stream   Reconnaissance - the active gathering of information about conditions   Rheocrene - as in rheocrene habitat - a spring that does not qualify as a PHWH stream               because it lacks a true bed and bank   Riparian - of, pertaining to, or situated or dwelling on the bank of a river or other body of               water   Stream Reach - the length of stream being sampled   Substrate - substances making up the surface of the bed   Watercourse - channel through which water flows   Watershed - region or area that drains into a certain stream, river, or other body of water