Acknowledgments Module 1 of the Primary Headwater Habitat e-Learning Course   These presentations cover information about the assessment of primary headwater habitats (PHWH).  The material for the original construction of the e-Learning site was taken mostly from the Field Evaluation Manual for Ohio’s Primary Headwater Stream Habitats. Robert D. Davic, editor; Final Version 1.0, 2002. Module 1 was organized by Garrett Rauckhorst '07, Katie Eppley '10, and Jeremy Miller '09 of Hiram College on a grant from the Ohio Environmental Education fund. Also information was taken from Ohio EPA Headwater Project – an update presentation by Dan Dudley.   Some of the videos found in these modules were created by Garrett Raukhorst, Jeremy Miller, and Katie Eppley on a grant from the Ohio Environmental Education Fund.  These videos include: Module 1- “Site Selection” and “Changing Category Stream”; Module 2- “Substrate,” “Maximum Pool Depth,” and “Bankfull Width”; Module 3- “Vertebrate Methods” and “Voucher Specimens”; Module 4- “Primary Headwater Habitat Macroinvertebrates”   Photos and other resources were contributed by: Daniel Factor '07, Katie Eppley '10, Jeremy Miller '09, Garrett Rauckhorst '07, and Matt Wilson '10 of Hiram College, Professor Robert Heath of Kent State University, and students and teachers from Berkshire High School, Ravenna High School, Cuyahoga Falls High School, Newbury High School, Kent Roosevelt High School, Kenston High School, Crestwood High School, Streetsboro High School, Independence High School during their participation in the Igniting Streams of Learning Science Technology Engineering and Math Academy 2007 funded by the Ohio Board of Regents.