Ohio Rapid Assessment Method (ORAM)

The Ohio Rapid Assessment Method (ORAM) is a biomonitoring protocol used to assess the quality of wetlands. Through this protocol, a wetland can be categorized as being Category 1, 2, or 3. Descriptions for each category provided by the Ohio EPA can be seen below. Category 1: Wetlands with minimal wetland function and/or integrity. Category 2: Wetlands with moderate wetland function and/or integrity. Category 3: Wetlands with superior wetland function and/or integrity. The ORAM scoring sheet is divided into six metrics, which ultimately determines the quality of the wetland. The metrics include: wetland area, upland buffers and surrounding land use, hydrology, habitat alteration and development, special wetlands, and plant communities, interspersion, and microtopography. Quick-Response (QR) codes were created to aid in the completion of the scoring sheet and to provide explanations of each metric. The QR codes were linked to the hyperlinks below. For the downloadable Microsoft Word version of the QR codes, click here.

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