About Brian Zilla

Senior at Hiram College studying Biology Member of the Men's Soccer Team

Igniting Streams of Learning in Science International (ISLSI)

We are delighted to announce that we have updated our program name to Igniting Streams of Learning in Science International. Due to our expanding presence internationally, in countries such as Pakistan and the Dominican Republic, we have decided to update our name. Don't worry, we still have the same mission and goals as an educational program, and will continue to implement various educational programs throughout Northeast Ohio.

ISLSI in the Dominican Republic

We are delighted to announce that we are working on joint project with Counterpart International and ISLSI in the Dominican Republic.  Counterpart has launched the Coastal Communities Resiliency Program, a community-based environmental program, which will establish climate resiliency programs that will serve as learning laboratories to local communities. The program will incorporate part of ISLSI's mission and learning approach with the establishment of peer-to-peer learning and youth development through hands-on-learning. For more information about Counterpart International, click here.

ISLSI Summer Institute

  We are continuing the International ISLS program in the summer! From June 15 through July 5, we will host a group of Pakistani high school students. Over their 3-week stay, we will go to Cleveland, Hiram, Washington DC, and Chincoteague Island. We will be joined by three local Ohio schools at various points during the program.

Environmental Tree Awareness Program: April 21-25, 2015

We are delighted to announce a new program! The Environmental Tree Awareness program will occur from April 21 through April 25. Ten Cleveland Metropolitan School District high schools will be involved in ETA, which is funded by the International Associations of Arboriculture. The program will involve hands-on-learning in learning communities using a tree kit. Students will learn tree planting, tree identification, and grafting to develop service learning projects that they will implement in their respective communities. The program is aligned to Ohio's New Learning Standards for 9th-12th biology.