ISLS Ohio is a collaborative of educators, scientists, students and local citizens dedicated to improving learning in science.  The collaborative incorporates what we have learned from two decades of research on learning and brain development combined with innovative technologies applied to real science investigations carried out by students.  The integration between science, technology and learning takes place in groups investigating questions identified by students, teachers and scientists. The original focus of the program centered on applying Ohio Environmental  Protection Agency Biomonitoring Protocols to discovery learning in classes.  Biomonitoring protocols assess stream and wetland health. The program now includes other fields of science. ISLS Ohio transforms attitudes about science of both students and educators across school curricula, and in local communities, college classrooms, and government agencies. Through full engagement of both high school students and teachers in a new learning environment, both learn from each other in a relationship that more accurately reflects science teams in the real world. The result is an enriched learning experience for all, a world of collaboration between all parties involved where each individual can bring their own expertise to the table.