ISLS 2013

This year we are working with teachers from the Cleveland Metropolitan area to supply the area with a brand new environmental curricula to be implemented in their schools. We have aligned the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), the North East Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD) standards, and the current science core curriculm with the protocols for the Primary Headwater Habitat Assessment (PHWH) and the Ohio Rapid Assessment Methods (ORAM). We hope to continue this for the other protocols used previously in the ISLS program. We are also working to develop a  new protocol focusing on trees and their effects on the watershed which we will call Environmental Tree Awareness (ETA). As always we will continue to strive to build our model wetlands and gardens. We hope to have lesson plans up and ready for anyone to come on here and view by the end of this 10 week internship.

UWISLS NPM Ryan Astalos working with the primary headwater found at Hiram College's James H. Barrow Field Station

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